Finally Live!

It almost feels surreal to write this. For the last 5 years, on New Years day, I'd write out my list of "goals" to hopefully accomplish. Some personal, some professional. Each year I'd write "Launch illustration portfolio site". Something that I thought would be easy, something you just do. But to have a portfolio site solely based on Illustration work, you need to actually do some work. Most of what you're seeing on this site is from 2014 to now, meaning that since I started making this my goal, there has been years worth of work that I'm not showing due to it just not being good enough. As much as I wanted this to happen sooner, I knew I needed to do more work and that's just it, do more work! Take your time, things will come together as long as you're present, with your head down and your pencil in hand. I love doing this and I can't wait to see where I'm at 5 years from now, because let's be honest, it's great to be proud of what you've accomplished now, but the real fun is in the process.